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    • 產品名稱: AP590

    Type: AP590 Capacity: 590ml Material: Aluminum foil
    Color: Gold Top out diameter: 185x129mm Set: 60pcs/set
    Shape: Rectangle Base diameter: 158x102mm Carton: 10sets
    Brand: BakingPak Height: 33mm Total: 600pcs/ctn


    1, Metallic, colorful, exquisite

    2, Can bear High-temperature to be baked and not fade. It’s heatable in convection heating oven, microwave oven, air oven and steamer. Can reduce baking time effectively, saving energy.

    3, Can be refrigerated in ultra-low temperature. Its feature of high barrier effectively extends food preservation.

    4, if heated by open flame, color won’t fade.

    5, Pasty and Moon cake can be baked directly, then reducing the turnaround process, which can effectively reduce the turnover loss. 


    6, Size, color, logo, etc can be customizable.

    Pastry: Roast pudding, Roast Blake, Roast bread, Baked light cheese cake,
    Charcoal grilled cheese, Half cooked cheese, Caramel Alice, Blueberry Prague, 
    German Cheese Burger,  Star Cheese Cupcake, Sea salt cheese, Cream bacteria 
    Cheese cake, Cupcake, Mousse, Brownie, Muffin, Chocolate cheese cake, 
    Orange madeleine, Yogurt cheese cake, feina snow cake, fruit cream ball, 
    Tiramisu, Muffin cake, Hanamaki bread, Crème brûlée, Japanese lovely small cake, 
    S'mores, Fruit pie, Puff, Blancmange, tart, Ice cream, etc


    Mooncake:French cheese moon cake


    Food:Fast food, Pasta, Salad, Sandwich, Hamburg, Chips, Mashed potato, Baked
    rice, many other dishes, etc


    Condiment: Caviar, Foie gras, Honey, Jam, Sauce, etc

    Aluminum foil lid