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    • 產品名稱: Punching mold


    1. As the standard of European mold, meets the sanitary rule of food-grade no-wash container production,
    2. solid structure (1100kg mold), the mold steel adopted is more wear-resistant,
    3. higher processing accuracy, 1-year after-sales warranty.
    4. Superior structure design can realize high speed automatic stacking production.
    5. The design of meal boxes and containers is optimized with better strength.
    6. Production waste rate is lower.
    7. Good applicability for different alloy aluminum foil, like8011/3003/8006 can be applied.

    Different rim configurations available:

    1. Hemmed Vertical Edge (HVE)
    2. Full Curl Vertical (FC)
    3. Full Raised Curl
    4. Interrupted Vertical Curl (IVC)
    5. Raw Vertical Edge (RVE)
    6. Reverse Rolled Bead
    7. Raw Edge Clean Cut
    8. Full Curl