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    • 產品名稱: Scrap Press

    Items ABL-SP063
    Nominal Force of Cylinder 40T
    Nomonal Pressure 20Mpa
    Total Power 5.5kW
    Displacement of Oil Pump 20ml/r
    Max.stroke of Cylinder 1000mm
    Pressing Time 31s
    Return Time 18s
    Scrape Cube Dimension(W×H) 400×400mm
    Max.height of Cube 300mm
    Min.height of Cube 100mm
    Feed Opening Size 300×300mm
    Max.height of Press Chamber 1100mm
    Min.height of Press Chamber 98mm
    Weight of the Machine 1.2T
    Machine Dimension(W×D×H) 1280×1390×2720mm


    1. Automatic conveying.
    2. Compresses the scrap to compact cubes.
    3. Can handle up to 2 machines.
    4. Low noise.
    5. One step recycle.
    6. Reduced labor and transportation.