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    • 產品名稱: Decoiler


    Item ABL-DE063 ABL-DE080 ABL-DE110
    Max.Diameter of material coil 1100mm 800mm 800mm
    Max.Width of foil material 800mm 1000mm 1250mm
    Feeding speed 0-60m 0-60m 0-60m
    Feeding length 20-1000mm 20-1000mm 20-1000mm
    Feeding precision +/-0.5mm +/-0.5mm +/-0.5mm
    Work Voltage(Optional) 380V-50/60Hz-3Phase 380V-50/60Hz-3Phase 380V-50/60Hz-3Phase
    Work power 2kW 3kW 3kW
    Feeder Dimension(L×W×H) 1400×1700×1250mm 1400×1950×1250mm 1400×2200×1250mm



    1. Desingning for labor saving and production efficiency.

    2. Stack trays and containers of different dimensions.
    3. Easy to operate and adjust based on customize requirements.

    ABL Decoilder unwinds the aluminum foil coil automatically without tearing the material. The expansion to coil is supported by shaft inserted into the core.
    The shaft inside is driven by a step motor, to provide required feeding speed, step and cycle rate of the electronic feeder on the press.
    ABL Decoiler also includes lubrication system for foil strip, to make sure the foil to the press is well lubricated.