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    • 產品名稱: AP025 pneumatic

    Applicable Type: AP015B/AP025 Sealing temperature: 220~250
    Automation degree: Semi-Automatic Sealing time: 0.5~2s
    Power type: Pneumatic Voltage: 110V/220V
    Material: Stainless steel Power: 1000W
    Mould: Replaceable Length: 58cm
    Plug: Convertible Width: 32cm
    Case: 1pc/wood case Height: 64cm
    Brand: BakingPak Weight: 55-60KG

    Manual, semi-automatic, fully automated machine matched with series of high-end sealed aluminum foil boxes. It helps bakery food industry, Electronic Industry, Cosmetic Industry and other industry to upgrade innovation E-commerce and cold chain.

    The sealing machine is small size, good quantity, easily operated, economical and practical. Just a small sealing machine, do sealing so easily!

    The inserted cup slot can be adjusted, which is suitable for all series of sealable food containers.

    The sealing machine consists of rack, cylinder or motor, and deceleration or speed governor devices, sealing mold in and out device and electronic control system.


    After turning on the power, devices begin to work. The electric heating elements heat the upper mould after getting the power, and get the temperature required through the temperature control system, and get the pressure of mold that needed through the oil-water separator or limit switch. Ajust the sealing time by Time Relay, Guide Rails micro move to realize automatic sealing.

    When an aluminum foil cup is put into the down mould, pushing it to the appropriate location, the inductive switch begins to work. Upper heat mould does the sealing job automatically. When reaching the time scheduled by relay time, one time sealing is completed, mould returns automatically.

    This machine has advantages of simple structure, low fault rate, high sealing efficiency, easy maintenance, low prices and wide application, etc.

    Food and beverage industry: Airline catering, fast food delivery, frozen products, etc.

    Food industry: normal temperature food, meat, fish, seafood, Desserts, cakes, flavors, tea, etc.

    Electronic Industry: Sensors, batteries, electronic components

    Cosmetic Industry: Pearl powder, mask

    Other strict sealing products industry

    Pet’s wet food, jam, honey, hot pot sauce, etc.