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    • 產品名稱: AP0310

    Type: AP0310 Capacity: 310ml Material: Aluminum foil
    Color: Silver Top out diameter: 178x72mm Set: 100pcs/set
    Shape: Rectangle Base diameter: 151x45mm Carton: 20sets
    Brand: BakingPak Height: 40mm Total: 2000pcs/ctn


    1. Can bear High-temperature to be baked and not fade. It’s heatable in convection heating oven, air oven and steamer. Can reduce baking time effectively, saving energy.
    2. Can be refrigerated in ultra-low temperature. Its feature of high barrier effectively extends food preservation.
    3. When touching food directly, most of the time, aluminum foil will not react with food.
    4. Disposable design makes cleanness easily. Save resource, Eco-friendly, and recycle.
    5. Keeps grill clean and make food to be heat equably.
    6. Size, logo, etc, can be customizable.

    1) Fast Food


    2) Baking


    3) Food container


    4) Disposable meal box


    5) Transporting


    6) Freezing


    7) Reheating