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    • 產品名稱: AP1200

    Type: AP1200 Capacity: 1200ml Material: Aluminum foil
    Color: Gold Top out diameter: 220*170mm Set: 100pcs/set
    Shape: Rectangle Base diameter: 182*136mm Carton: 6sets
    Brand: BakingPak Height: 45mm Total: 600pcs/ctn


    1,Aluminum foil materials will be not oxidated. And it is safe and healthy and high barrier property towards bacteria---Protect your health!


    2,The thickness of the container is 0.12mm-0.18mm. It is 0.5-1 times thicker than ordinary household aluminum foil container. It is much solider than ordinary household aluminum foil container.


    3, It can match sealing cover to ensure that soup will not splash and food will be fresh longer.-- Advanced foreign technology makes better sealing.


    4, Easy to tear, directly heat and eat-- Humanized design, conform to high speed life in modern city.


    5, Container’s capacity is 15g-1035g—you can put different food to different container.


    6, The container can be recycled—using aluminum foil container is eco-friendly.

    Catering industry:Airline catering, fast food delivery, frozen product, etc.


    Food industry:normal temperature food, meat, fish, seafood, Desserts, cakes, flavors, tea, Pet’s wet food, jam, honey, hot pot sauce, etc.


    Electronic Industry:Sensor, battery, electronic component, etc.


    Cosmetic Industry: Pearl powder, mask, etc.


    Other strict sealing products industry

    Aluminum foil lid