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    • 產品名稱: 200 pumping type

    Brand: BAKINGPAK

    Material: food grade aluminum foil

    Type: 100 pumping type
    Packing: 200pcsl Length: 32cm Width: 15cm
    Thickness: 4cm Color: silver  


    1.Suitable for cooking, baking and freezing,
    2.High barrier property, keep longer fresh
    3.Non-poisonous and non-smelling, safe and healthy
    4.Eco-friendly, recycle resource
    5.Pop-up design, easy and convenient

    1.Replace bake ware, Eco-friendly and healthy
    2.Suitable for cooking and barbecuing
    3.No ice, no frost when be frozen in the refrigerating
    4.Keep food fresh
    5.Avoid liquid spilling out
    6.Lined in the bottom of a plate, which is convenience to clean